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First Time Home Buyer in Edmonton?

Alberta Mortgages has worked with hundreds of young couples over the years as they undertake the most exciting and rewarding investment of their lives, the purchase of their first new home. We will tailor a suitable plan for you to get started on your dreams together. We will walk you thought the many options available.

Whether you need a little help because of bruised credit, you are still struggling to pay down those student loans, or need an option with a zero down payment, we will put a plan together that will work for you.

Here‘s what you are going to need to do:

First step is to visit our mortgage qualifier calculator and get an estimate of what you are qualified for.
Contact your employer and ask for an Employment confirmation letter, this letter should state your salary, length of employment and that your employment probation period has past.
Gather copies of your last year’s T4’s, a copy of a recent paystub from your current employer, and a copy of your most recent Notice of Assessment from CRA indicating you have no outstanding taxes payable.
Search MLS listings to find properties that are in your price range based upon the results of the mortgage qualifier in Step 1 above.
Complete the online application through our secure server

We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your options and work out a plan to get makes your home ownership dreams your reality.


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